Our Transcription Services

Since 1984, The Right Type Inc. has been providing medical transcription services to clients in the Salem area and throughout the United States. Our team is entirely U.S.-based, and we offer our services to all areas of the healthcare industry. We’re proud to offer the following key services to our clients in need of interview transcription in Salem, OR and beyond:

Transcription Services

  • Medical transcription services: At The Right Type Inc., we’re pleased to offer medical transcription services to a number of different specialized segments of the healthcare industry. Our specialties include oncology, gastroenterology, neurology, cardiology and more, and we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround, our highly accurate work and the strength of our relationships with our clients.
  • Independent medical evaluation transcription service: For physicians providing independent medical evaluations for workers’ compensation, insurance and other purposes, The Right Type Inc. offers our customary level of efficient, high quality service for transcription.
  • Academic services: Those working in academia, including faculty as well as graduate students working on theses and dissertations, can also take advantage of the services offered by The Right Type Inc. We’ll transcribe interviews, lectures, and more. Our work can always be counted upon for accuracy and integrity.
  • HIPAA compliance: When you hire a transcription service in Salem, OR, you need to be able to trust that the company will be fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. The Right Type Inc. has worked for over 30 years to build a reputation for integrity and security, and we’re proud to abide by HIPAA standards.


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At The Right Type Inc., we pride ourselves on the high quality of our work. We strive to meet our clients’ unique needs, and we work hard to ensure the accuracy of our transcription. Our team also stays on top of trends and developments in the medical community as well as changes in the process of medical documentation. To learn more about our company, or to request service, please contact The Right Type Inc. at 503-364-3557.