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The Right Type Inc. has been Salem’s premier medical transcription service for over 30 years. We specialize in providing highly accurate transcripts for clients across the medical field, as well as to graduate students, and we offer fast turnaround and fully customized service to each client.

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Medical Transcriptionist in Salem, OR

Much has changed since The Right Type Inc. opened for business in 1984, both in the medical field and in the technology and processes used for medical documentation. However, the commitment of our staff to providing the transcription services our clients need has not wavered. We are proud to be able to continue to serve our longtime clients in Salem, as well as clients across the country who can benefit from our transcription services thanks to the technological advances offered by the Internet and digital voice files. While our field and the medical industry are ever changing, The Right Type Inc. remains proudly and consistently at the forefront.

Medical Transcription Salem OR


While our primary area of focus is medical transcription in Salem, OR, the team at The Right Type Inc. also offers transcription services to graduate students, businesses, interviewers and others who can benefit from our fast, accurate work. Our services are always tailored to meet the needs of our clients, and we’ll work hard to ensure our quality lives up to our strong reputation. The Right Type Inc. is ready to provide the attention, excellent transcription, accuracy and fast delivery you deserve. If you’re looking for a medical transcriptionist in Salem, OR, here are just a few reasons to turn to us:

  • We offer accurate medical transcription to clients throughout the medical community.
  • All of our services are fully customized to the client’s need.
  • We’re happy to accept special requests.
  • All documents are thoroughly proofread before delivery to the client.
  • All medical records are handled in full compliance with HIPAA regulations.


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The Right Type Inc. offers 24-hour turnaround for medical transcriptions. Get the fast and accurate results you need by calling us today.

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